Cristina Toro Ulloa. Creature designer, fiber artist, animator. 
Communication Designer and Bachelor of Arts and Design from the University of La Serena, Chile. Diploma in Animation Projects from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She also studied a Certificate in Botanical Illustration granted by the PUC and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. 
In the year 2012 she creates "Feltíriums"; project in which she designs fantastic creatures based on plants, fungi and real animals, while exploring the possibilities of fibers and dyes of natural origin in the creation process. This constant search has allowed her to venture into unusual areas with the technique, such as stop motion animation and comic art. Her works have been presented in national and foreign exhibitions, were published in various written media and are part of private collections in Chile, Canada, Australia, USA, Germany, Israel, France, among others.

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